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Welcome to the HyMoCARES Online Interactive Framework, a tool developed with the purpose to facilitate the visualization of the functional dependencies of ecosystem services (ES) on river hydromorphology and to easily access the main information and tools provided by the project.

Management actions (alteration or restoration) are affecting different river functions, those in turn generate positive or negative effects on the typical ES provided by rivers and their floodplains. Hence, the identification of the relevant processes and functions affecting the ES and of the connections between actions, functions and ES, represent a key step to understand the functional dependencies of ES on river hydromorphology.

In addition the HyMoCARES On Line Interactive Framework summarizes the most important outputs of the projects, by providing synthetic descriptions, references, graphs, video and images concerning actions, river functions and ecosystem services.

Video Tutorial: How to use the HyMoCARES framework

The tool has been developed by the HyMoCARES project partners.

This project is co-financed by the European Union via Interreg Alpine Space